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First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute!

The Starter StackGen project uses Conventional Commits to help generate changelogs and keep things tidy.

Conventional Commits

Pull Requests are always welcome, but we reserve the right to limit and edit code that is merged into the codebase.

We suggest using the same common sense and civility you use IRL.

Please propose changes by: creating an issue and then mention the issue in your pull request.

Please check for open pull requests that may address your issue before creating a new request ticket.


The Starter StackGen project is provided AS-IS with absolutely NO WARRANTY implied or otherwise.

Starter StackGen contributed code is copyright Starter Inc. and is licensed to you under the GPL License unless otherwise noted in the source files.

Gnu GPL General Public License

Generated Code License The output source code and artifacts generated by Starter StackGen are provided under the Apache License.

Since 2 generated applications from entirely different organizations / authors can easily be identical, there can be no claim of copyright based upon the uniqueness of generated code.