Introducing Starter StackGen

Don't Refactor, Regenerate!

Starter StackGen is an application generation and automation platform that uses robust, scalable data-based service engines with built-in encryption to deliver amazing software in less time for less money.

the Starter StackGen Professional

Starter StackGen is for autonomous coders, startup founders, and “Citizen Developers” that suffer from software development costs and delays, or who sadly end up doing without the apps and features they need.

the Starter StackGen Difference

Unlike alternative options, the Starter StackGen solution provides great open source product support and complete deployment flexibility: build once, run anywhere.

Starter StackGen leverages the best technology platforms available with a Spring-Boot backend driving front ends using:

  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • React360

Total Deployment Flexibility

Generated apps are built ready to deploy on all major cloud platforms, production servers, development and testing environments without modification.

Build Early, Build Often

StackGen Pro offers AWS-specific generated AMI to allow for development of managed apps for your end users under your AWS account.

StackGen Pro also promotes effortless Database migrations and advanced data development features that allow for smooth maintenance and agile development of new features without degrading existing data integrity.

StackGen Pro offers Liquibase changelogs and ability to roll changes forward and back on live servers.

Coming Soon LearningMode™ Database development creates database schemas on the fly from incoming JSON payloads (POST and PUT calls.)

Columns and the associated code are generated and the entire service module is rebuilt on the fly, allowing for incredibly fast database development.

Product options

Open Source Core Edition GitHub Edition $0/mo.

Support Level

  • Open source support forum
  • Create bug and feature tickets
  • Optional listing on projects page and twitter shoutout
  • Push generated projects to GitHub
  • Free installation support 1 ticket
  • Publish generated apps directly to git
  • Signup for security and version alerts
  • Unlimited generated app deployment and scalability options

Starter StackGen Pro $49/mo (est. Q1 2019)

  • Latest PRO builds (available before GA)

Support Level

  • Unlimited installation support 1st month
  • Tech support 1 ticket/mo.
  • 1 usage ticket per month

Cloud Costs

  • AWS launcher @ $.125 + AWS cost

Enhanced Functionality

  • AWS Launcher
  • SecureField
  • DataField
  • React.js Gen
  • gatsby.js auto generated docs

AWS Edition $100/mo.

Support Level

  • Unlimited installation and bugfix tickets

Cloud Costs

  • AWS launcher @ $.125 + AWS cost

Enterprise StackGen $500/mo. (est. Q2 2019)

Cloud Costs

  • AWS Edition at .05 + AWS cost

Support Level

  • Unlimited installation and bugfix tickets
  • 3 Tech support tickets per month
  • White label redistribute
  • Dedicated support available

Enhanced Functionality

  • SecureField Key Rotation
  • Liquibase DB scripts
  • React 360 UX

SLA Edition

SLA Options Available. Inquire here: starter info