Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions.

Is Starter StackGen Free?

Yes. It is freely downloadable from GitHub and licensed under the AGPL.

Who should use Starter StackGen?

Tech savvy business users and developers who want to rapidly design and deploy RESTful apis with maximum portability and agility.

Does Starter offer support for StackGen?

Yes! Support for Starter StackGen will be offered by Starter Inc. after the initial production release.

Can I run my Starter StackGen Services in the Cloud?

In the near future, there will be a Starter StackGen Cloud offering.


Can I run my Starter StackGen Services on my own Computers?

Yes! We strive for maximum portability and no vendor lock-in: you can run your apps in the cloud or on premise or both.

At Starter, we believe you should control your digital destiny!

What are the benefits to using Starter StackGen?

  • Incredibly fast design and deployment of robust web Services
  • Agile from the ground up, don't refactor, regenerate!
  • AWS Cloud-enabled for rapid deployment with zero overhead
  • Best-in-class architecture delivers high performance with bank-level security

What are the benefits to upgrading to Starter Automator.ai?

(coming Q1 2019)

  • All the benefits of Starter StackGen
  • Web based iBPM with Starter StackGen-powered Workflows
  • AI-enabled decision engine
  • Spreadsheet Logic Modules

What are the downsides to using Starter StackGen?

  • Currently we only support Java Spring and Java Jersey2 server applications
  • Product is still in beta (Q4 2018)

What are the alternatives to using Starter StackGen?

  • Custom application Development
  • Build automation platform
  • Online app generation services (ie :APICurio)
  • AWS Lambda
  • IBM Cloud

What is the Starter StackGen Roadmap?

What does this mean when I see it in the code?

// TODO: implement some cool new feature

How can I support the development of Starter StackGen?

  • We are currently building out our paid service offerings, but in the meantime if you want to support the StackGen open source project financially, we are setup to accept donations via PayPal.

<< donate via paypal >>

What if I need feature X -- can I subsidize development of Starter StackGen features that I require?

Perhaps! Contact us at info@starter.io

How does Starter StackGen generate code?

We use 3 code generation steps with 3 different implementations.

Why? Because the 3 main components of the app -- Swagger CodeGen, MyBatis Generated DAOs and Mappings, and the Starter StackGen SecureField and DataField classes all take a different approach to code generation.

Additionally, Mustache is used by both the Swagger CodeGen and the StackGen React code to generate React content from Mustache template files.

The advantage of our current approach is it is pluggable to some degree.

A disadvantage is that there is some increased complexity -- to really understand and work with the Starter StackGen source code, you will need to grok the Swagger Codegen project, the MyBatis Generator, and the Starter code which uses JavaPoet to build up Java classes programmatically.

In the future we may decide to replace technology and settle on a single code generation paradigm, or perhaps a hybrid approach with Mustache + JavaPoet.