About Starter StackGen

Starter Inc. Mission Statement:

To unlock the potential of builders so that they can focus on changing the world for the better.
Starter StackGen is a code generator that creates a complete application stack using an OpenAPI schema definition.
We created StackGen after many years of experience with hand-coding web and mobile applications.

Adopting conventions is useful no matter the language or framework, so

Among the many choices of application stack components, there are few that provide the combination of flexibility, compatibility, security, capability, cloud and enterprise support as a JEE stack based on industry standard libraries such as Spring Boot and Apache Tomcat.

On the front end, we are not alone in our decision to go with React applications.

As of 2019, Node.js, ReactJS, ReactNative, and now React360 form a compelling suite of front end technologies. By generating web, mobile and VR apps using Node and React, Starter StackGen users publish feature rich, component-based apps on the vast majority of devices and reach the most users possible.

Generating code is a huge win For many projects. In the real world, the implementation of database operations, building the data object models and Object Relational Mapping, then publishing as REST APIs represent a huge percentage of manual coding and maintenance effort.

By somewhat alleviating the pain of buiding and maintaining manual coding chores, Starter StackGen helps to unlock your potential so you can change the world for the better.